DeuxMoi: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me (‘The Closest I’ve Come to Being Discovered Was When …’)

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The Internet’s most mysterious gossip gal is spilling her secrets — well, at least a few. DeuxMoi caught up with Us Weekly to reveal a little more about the person behind the iconic Instagram account.

The celeb news sleuth launched the infamous Instagram in 2020, publishing anonymous and unverified tips about Hollywood stars. The @deuxmoi account has over 1.8 million followers, with Drew Barrymore, Cardi B, Gigi Hadid and Julianne Moore among them.

The anonymous writer has expanded beyond social media recently. She teamed up with Jessica Goodman to write Anon Pls., a novel inspired by her life and published by William Morrow in November 2022.

DeuxMoi says her identity remains top secret — to those outside of her inner circle. “My family and friends know that I’m DeuxMoi. At this point, I can’t hide it,” she exclusively reveals to Us.

However, for the most part, she keeps her personal details locked down — but there have been some close calls. “The closest I’ve come to being discovered was when I sat next to a table of celebrities I’ve DMed with at Carbone in New York City,” she tells Us.

It isn’t often that the secretive social media star opens up, so scroll down for a rare inside look at 25 things you might not know about DeuxMoi:

My first car was a red Toyota that I was given before I had my license. I would let my friends with licenses drive it.

I don’t exchange phone numbers with celebrities, although a few have given me theirs. I’ll keep who anon pls.

My most starstruck moment was meeting Mary-Kate Olsen at a restaurant in NYC. I asked to take a photo [and] she said I could catch her when she was leaving. I didn’t want to disturb her, so I never got that pic.

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